pasar seni ITB

so I just spend some time visiting ITB this afternoon to see pasar seni. it’s a kind of like festivities that’s celebrated every once in four year (kind of like the world cup). 🙂

but the traffic leading up to dago is horrendous. I can’t barely move, as I had to walk because of the gridlock. even my angkot (public transportation) had to change route due to police had to divert lane so as to ease the congestion.


anyway, I think the festivities of pasar seni is a blast. very crowded and had many interesting booth, models walking around in catwalk and also ITB has a huge campus that able to accommodate many people there.


what I like the most is a statues of squidword being displayed there, well I am a big fan spongebob squarepants though.hehe…


so in conclusion ITB is able to hold this kind of massive festivities. hence amazes me by the sheer volume of people showed up there. I think I should had study in ITB instead. haha…


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