sumedang and gunung kunci

last week I travel to sumedang to meet someone and she happened to ask me to visit one of sumedang most iconic places that is gunung kunci.


it’s an old fortress build by dutch colonial rule during its occupation of indonesia during 1900s. she told me that this fortress that’s located under a hill used to be an interrogation center for suspecting indonesian militants fighting for indonesian independence back then. so there is many historical evidence being laid out here.



this old fortress is a bit dark inside, with no light coming through and the condition inside is humid. actually just by listening of what the prisoners had endured while they were incarcerated and put into destitute there during their harsh interrogation can already gave you a goosebumps while visiting inside the building.


actually it would have been more meritorious if the sumedang government decided to reinvigorates the place as the place had been reduced into ruins now. what stunned me the most is the architectural design that this fortress can be build inside a hill so it acts kind of like a camouflage, protected by the high rising trees and also it’s located in the high mountain give the colonial forces, i.e dutch troops. superior advantage upon invading forces during incoming incursion. but this fortress feels like it had been abandoned for so many years with no one even bothers to renovates it.


I really think it’s historic legacy need to be preserved for future generations, but also what necessary is that this gunung kunci needs to have more broad coverage in national media so that younger people will realize the merit of this historical nature. and this is also the purpose of why I am writing it in this blog




well now you know it then, and don’t forget to visit gunung kunci when you had the chance to visit sumedang, beside experiencing with their tahu sumedang of course. 🙂


2 comments on “sumedang and gunung kunci

  1. nn says:

    oo,,jadi lo waktu itu lo nanyain caranya ke sumedang bwt nemuin cewe lo toh???
    hahahaha,,congrats y dah punya cewek baru,,langgeng y sama yayanknya :p

  2. Jacobian says:

    yup tepat sekali. 🙂

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