checking in wikileaks

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the truth about gross revelation of human rights abuses in war-torn iraq in wikileaks is staggering to say the least. but we all should know that when it comes to war then everything is possible. there is no limitation of what can happen in a war. so we should thanks wikileaks for providing us with helpful documentation about the real situation that pervaded perpetually in iraq and also in afghanistan during US-led invasion.

Wikileaks goes out of its way to redact information that might lead to people getting hurt; all the talk you see from US government representatives claiming that their leaks put peoples’ lives in danger is bluster to try to turn public opinion against the organization. From what I can tell, when it comes to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Wikileaks is mostly leaking documents about incidents that are relatively old, and they’re avoiding leaking individuals’ names, so they’re not revealing current military strategy in either case, or the identities of anyone against whom individuals could seek reprisal.

There is no counter to the unrestricted growth of authority in a democracy–especially where the rhetoric of fear and danger has been prevalent for over a decade–except the truth. You cannot effect change unless you can get popular opinion on your side, and you cannot do that so long as the most reprehensible of lies pervade the public discourse and obscure what is really going on. A government, or any organization, that behaves in the best interest of the common people has very little indeed to fear from an organization like Wikileaks.


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