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Java (programming language)

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With Java’s increasing complexity, JCP’s slow responsiveness, Oracle’s lawsuit against Google, Apple’s decision to unbundle it from OS X, Swing’s non-native look, etc… is Java a good choice to develop new applications? Or is it dead-walking as a language ?

for me, java languages is a very easy language to pick up, everything you could possible need is built right into the standard library, and the API documention arguable one of the best I’ve ever used. I always appreciated the completeness of the language and feel other languages could learn a thing or two from that prospective.

Java was originally envisioned as a cross-platform language. That is, the compiled java programs could be run on servers as well as, say, washing machines. Java has evolved into the defacto middleware language of corporations whose core business is not software. Since this typically means “make my database talk to my webpage”, the vast majority of Java frameworks exist to make web-application programming, a purpose for which java was never intended.
The reasons for Java’s extensive adoption are interesting, as is the vague yet pervasive association with the ‘enterprise’, a term most frequently used in Java circles (although also in use elsewhere). In a nutshell, Java has historically been attractive to the big software consultancies for a number of reasons, and this has led to Java being the most used glue that sticks together the disparate systems of larger corporations.

Every couple of years something happens to provoke everyone to proclaim the death of java. Java has a massive developer community and a vast array of tools, libraries and skilled developers. There is very little that is going to diminish that for a long while yet. The JVM is more than the language and has an even larger base of functionality. It’s a shame when people judge java on their experience with GUI applications. As a serverside language it is extremely fast, scalable and maintainable. I do not believe there is anything to compete with it on the server at the moment. Anything that might do is available on the JVM

Be a coder. Languages increasingly don’t matter nearly so much as the platform, the goals and the clients. Your adeptness at programming will ultimately determine the performance and quality of your product, and your choice of language will be based on how well you understand the strengths and weaknesses of each one, Java included.

Android is the world’s second most popular smartphone OS in current sales (behind Blackberry) and projected to be #1 in sales shortly. Android uses Java for application development. And you can develop for it from any major OS that supports Java (Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD, etc) without a software or hardware purchase. Java is also hugely popular in enterprise development for big apps. True, Java is not as popular for desktop application development anymore. But there are still outliers: uses Java for some major components, MineCraft is a hugely popular Java game, and more.

the notion of Java being dead as a language is just ridiculous. Check out the developer base and the rich libraries that are developed at rapid speed. Java is alive and kicking and will be for many years. It is one of the best languages for many applications


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