UML in eclipse

My first use case

Image via Wikipedia

if you’re using java to code then you must also create UML diagram. to do this you can download a plugin for eclipse here and after that put the plugin in eclipse’ plugin directory. after that run eclipse
To create a new, empty UMLet diagram in Eclipse,
1. select a directory in the Eclipse resource navigator;
2. select “File/New/Other..” from the menu or the context menu; in the subsequent wizard,
3. select “UMLet/Diagram”.

this is the screenshot of what you will see in your eclipse IDE

there are many tools available to do UML though, you can find another one here
and there you goes. it will install a UML including all the use case, class diagram and also sequence diagram. all you need to complete your object oriented task.

have fun.


One comment on “UML in eclipse

  1. animaster says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I’ve been looking for such a UML tool to use in Ubuntu, and this is one of the best tools around. ^^

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