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listening obama press conference is surely something that fascinates me. he’s clear intonation and the use of english language make it easy to understand. conversely I did notice that indonesian president SBY consulted with his foreign minister marty natalegawa regarding the opaque question being given by foreign correspondent that was addressed to him. but regardless of this hassle, there are 3 points that I catch while listening to obama’s discourse.

1. expanding the trade and investement

obama clearly wanted to ehance the trade between indonesia and the US. something that’s already been done, and of course indonesian would really like if the US permitted indonesian military to buy some F-16 airjet fighter to strengthened indonesia military. the only trade that’s significant from america is of course their highly advanced military technology to which indonesia is lacking. and indonesian really need this to happen.

2. forging new ties in education and prosperity

one of the points being discussed is the dwindling number of indonesian student studying in the US. this is to be expected eversince 9/11. due to tightening regulation of any foreign person that come to the US, hence not many indonesian student can go there.  many got their visa rejected by the US embassy and obama said that he’ll address this problem so that it can forge new and better ties with indonesian.

3. deepen our security cooperation

of course this is a central issues regarding US government. they had been fighting extremism and terrorism from the start and obama will took the step even further to keep the world a save place by deepening the security with his indonesian counterpart. something that I think is necessary to keep the world peace at large.

I was actually expecting indonesian president to use english though so that I could know how well is his english. upon hearing his speech. I think his indonesian language always get mixed up by english vocabulary so I think that’s already a sign that he speak english fluently.

so anyway one of the last words I hear when obama ended his speech is that when he said this sentence to his foreign journalist

“watch out for the chandeliers”

I guess he must be captivated by the chandelier in istana merdeka.


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