Harry Potter and the deathly hallows part 1


Coat of arms of Hogwarts, the fictional school...

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having a chance watching harry potter new movie today. it’s the last series that were split into 2 parts. although the second part will due on july next year, nonetheless this first part  is awesome.

the plot is slow paced, full of humor, tragedy and kind of like what the book tells you. if you did read harry potter 7th book then what you’ll expect in the movie will turn out the same as in the book.

in the theatre that I was watching, I saw 3 studios were booked in showing harry potter movie. I guess the enthusiasm of watching this film hasn’t died off.

but the kissing scene between emma watson and daniell radcliffe is awesome. kind of like a french kiss that’s full of passion. I really want to try that kind of kiss sometime later though. hehe…

I didn’t quite remember the storyline in this film because the last time I read harry potter book was 3 years ago. so some details had been missing out in my mind though. anyhow the film is great and should be watch by all great harry potter fan out there.


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