my second laptop

this is the day that made me so happy, it’s because my second laptop had sprang back to life. if you don’t know I had my first laptop that is vaio. but on the other hand I had my previous laptop that had went down for almost 2 years due to some spareparts missing. this spareparts is used to connect the harddisk to the motherboard to which it had gone missing from me. mostly I think because of my error in handling things that are small.

so I set out to find the spareparts on the internet, but the good thing though that there is some user in kaskus that want to cannibalize his laptop that is HP Pavilion tx1000 and sell all of its spareparts. and then I contact him asking if there is a harddisk connector for HP pavilion tx1000 available within him. and he said yes then I arrange for the purchase of those parts and ask him to sent it using parcel service.

it took 5 days for the packet to arrive though, but upon its arrival I was so excited because now I will have another laptop and finally I can use it again.


this laptop was bought in 2007, so it had been 3 years now. the screen is small as only 12 inch, the underneath casing is hot because its use AMD as its processor that is popularly known to generate much heat. nonetheless now I had a backup laptop and can carry it everywhere I go due to its small size as my vaio laptop is bulkier and heavier to lugged around.

the moral of the story is that if you had a broken laptop then don’t give up, search for it in kaskus or else find a workaround to fix it. as I had already proven it to you. 🙂


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