ancient map of europe


the above map was created by “Piri Reis” and was based on other maps, including one from Columbus, four others from the Portuguese and ten other Arab maps. Given that by this time the Portuguese had fairly good maps of Europe and the Arabs had good maps of the Mediterranean, why is it so surprising that a consolidated clone of their maps would be so accurate?

this map was created by muslim scholar back then so anyone who is bigoted towards islam almost certainly doesn’t realize they are essentially the only reason we still have access to the knowledge of the greeks. christianity was busy eradicating it while islam preserved it and expanded on mathematics. Ironic that early Islam was the guardian of wisdom and enlightment, whereas now it is the complete antithesis. Christianity had its dark age and now it seems it is the turn of Islam. It seems to be an adolescent phase of organized religion, one during which humanity must suffer greatly.

Map of the world by Ottoman admiral Piri Reis,...

Image via Wikipedia

Unsurprising. There is a lot of pressure on Islam today from the West both literally and culturally. It certainly wouldn’t be melodramatic to say classic Islamic culture is “under attack.” Most sit in the middle, while “extremists” at either end fight for their collective heart and minds. You have one side who is taking an extremely literal interpretation of the Qur’an, and another who would almost be happy to drop a lot of their values becoming “children of the West.” Age plays a very large part in this whole thing. The young were more Western friendly, and the old sided more with classic culture. That is until the USA turned it into an “Us Vs. Them” war, killed millions of them, and gave the extremists more ammo than they could have dreamed of. Now thanks to the US instead of it being a 2-3 generation shift, it will be a 4-6 generational one. The US has literally created an entire generation that hates the West with a passion.


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