wikileaks and all its glory

Picture of Julian Assange during a talk at 26C3

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The only damage the latest leaks did was to the credibility of people who have been routinely lying to the masses. Now we know there’s been a covert war in Pakistan and Yemen. This is after they deliberately stood in front of the press and American people and lied to our faces about it. Obama sent U.S. forces into hostilities in two countries (Pakistan and Yemen) without congressional approval. A Pentagon spokesperson then lied about it in a press conference. That’s both illegal and unethical. That’s precisely what a whistleblower site like wikileaks is for.

There are revelations that small teams of elite US special forces may have been dispatched in the tribal belt to help coordinate the Pakistani military’s operations. One record indicates that up to 16 US soldiers had been deployed to help Pakistani troops in 2009. Their role is primarily training-oriented and to provide “intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance” support – ISR in military jargon – “general operational advice” and set up live satellite feed from presumably CIA-operated American drones flying overhead.

the point of WikiLeaks and why the upside outweighs the downside heavily. We do not need all the information available to us to know whether someone or something is corrupt or not. WikiLeaks might not be releasing the type of documents that will encourage change today, but the survival of WikiLeaks will inspire others to promote transparency, niche checks and balances, and more regulation on whistle-blowing.

Keep in mind that, in general, humans are NOT rational. They may be rational consumers, at most, but when it comes to international politics, citizens want context to make an educated, logical rationalization about certain decisions. WikiLeaks attempts to expose that context so the world’s citizens can logically deduce the culprit(s) behind specific outcomes that stem from corruption.

Obviously the downside of the whole WikiLeaks matter is that it is not ‘good’ to publish confidential documents that may add up to a lot of information about American diplomacy and military strategy, but when evidence of illegal activities becomes confidential, the medium to expose the truth becomes extremely confusing.

The fact of the matter is there is global corruption that will always be prevalent. People against Bradley Manning, Julian Assange, and WikiLeaks need to realize the requirements to expose truth about illegal activities when the truth is hidden in a government’s confidential documents. I’m sympathetic to their actions because the WikiLeaks concept is not aimed at being a treasonous instigator, but a platform to expose illegal activities on a global level without any of the fearful repercussions. Progress requires change, and exposing lies to come to terms with the truth and reality is a push towards progress. Exposing those liars and corrupted men and women will help shed light on why specific decisions were made and whether they were necessary.

Think of it this way — imagine if a published document exposed the USA government for using the DEA as a way to constantly illegally search AND seize citizens, their cars, their homes, or any other asset. Imagine if that same document released information about the DEA using that same power to find “terrorist cells” even though they claim they’re preventing the smuggling of drugs. Imagine they extended this power to international areas. They can detain anyone suspected of using or handling drugs because the sale of drugs could easily be financing a terrorist cell. The implications are that the USA is abusing the power of the DEA to infringe on the civil liberties of its citizens for the purpose of national security. The DEA may have found a bunch of alleged drug smugglers, alleged terrorists, etc. using these tactics, but at what cost? Millions of American’s civil rights have already been infringed upon. How do we, the citizens of the Earth, stop a government agency from constantly infringing upon our rights when the illegal activity and evidence is hidden within a clasp of confidential documents?

Whistle-blowers are NECESSARY for checks and balances. and all the exposed lies, corruption, etc. ended up in a move towards progress.


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