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hotmail is a webmail that’s existed long before gmail, but now not that many people are using it. it can be contributed due to many spam problems that were existed and also other features that wasn’t on par with gmail.

but after reading the hotmail development team doing Q&A in reddit make me realize that they had gone through great length to bring hotmail to the masses with additional feature that now almost reach parity with gmail.

such as the feature of spam prevention, they had been able to decrease it now by using a captcha in which a user need to prove that he is human. not that i like it but well at least it’s a great security to prevent automation of email sending by any bad javascript code.

hotmail is integrated heavily with so that’s mean you can edit your office document on the web. actually you can also do this with gmail by using google docs, the only different is that hotmail is heavily integrated with microsoft office document hence giving them a greater advantage. something that google docs still still isn’t par with.

but there are other things that make gmail still stand out, that is Google may terminate your account in accordance with the terms of service if you fail to login to your account for a period of nine months. whereas hotmail forces you to log in at least once every 270 days. or else your account is deleted. so gmail had more longevity than hotmail in terms of dormancy.

also hotmail allowed its users of 10GB email storage and 25GB of documents storage via skydrive. and if you’re opting for threaded email conversation such as in gmail then you can have that by activating it in the option menu. and hotmail also uses HTTPS now and can activate only HTTPS connection also in the option.

this post that I am making only show you that there is another great alternative of web based email other than gmail. and I had seen some improvement in hotmail now that make me want to use it. the only thing that still bother me is the banner ads displaying in the right pane that’s troublesome to say the least. but well luckily I had disabled flash in my computer system as told by steve jobs so the ads frame just went blank — (the greatness of having no flash installed)

Windows Live SkyDrive

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here is the response from hotmail developer when asked why people should use hotmail

what’s most important to you about your email? We had some gaps on the basics, but did a ton of work to close them around spam (can give details, mileage varies by terrain), speed, storage, etc. Then, we think what are the reasons someone would want to use HotMail or any service?… who is it great for? For example, if you like to share photos/files with specific people (benefit of email) we got rid of pesky attachment limits. You can send up to 10GB (200 files, 50MB each) in one email via SkyDrive. If you use Office docs, Hotmail connects with Office Web Apps so you get full fidelity view/edit. If you make changes to a doc someone sent you as an attachment, and want to quickly send back those changes over email, its super easy, part of the flow. No need to download to your computer. So specific things that people do — our goal is to make them work really well.


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