art exhibition

I had a chance of seeing art exhibition in mall BIP bandung on the third floor near cinemax 21.

this is some of the pics that I snap

the picture above is about ayam kampus that has derogatory meaning relating to girls

the pic above is the creator of the design

this may be because north bandung that is dago is a metropolitan area where as south bandung is always inundated during rainy season

this can be caused by jakarta’s people always traveling in bandung during weekend that contributed to the highly congested traffic in bandung’s roads

this is the same heavy traffic, always better to walk I guess

this is about the risk of engaging in online activity.better to put precautinary measure.

many of the art shown here can be related to their critical thinking of things that happen in bandung, their criticism need to be acknowledged and thus bring awareness to a lot of people. I think all the students that draw the pics were all majoring in design.

well done


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