masonic encryption

The Lost Symbol

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so now let’s talked about the encryption in Dan Brown’s novel that is The Lost Symbol. reading this novel reminded me of my cryptography class back in college when I learn of how to do encryption. But now we will learn simple masonic-based encryption that is created specifically for the freemasons based on this novel.

there are 2 things that you’re gonna need, first one is the paper that shown the cheatsheet and the other is the texts that you want to decrypt. just like below pictures.


the above is a cheat sheet where you can compare the code that you want to decrypt and it’s original text. and below is the encryption.


so basically the word “>” symbolized the letter T and “<” symbolized the letter U and so on. you can decrypt all of those characters in line with the cheat sheet.  but the original text is gibberish and only can be understand if you read the book yourself. I am merely introducing the new encryption shown in the book. pretty impressive right?

so next time you need to convey a secret message to your peers, then just use this messaging system as it’s really effective though. 🙂

anyway from what I concur from this book, freemasons is not a secret society they’re just a society with secret. you know who is freemasons such as George W.Bush but you don’t really know what they’re up to and this is the message that this book wanted to convey to its reader. also the settings that take place in Washington open my mind of the vast building design and culture that they had. a really must read for those conspiracy theorist


2 comments on “masonic encryption

  1. nn says:

    wew,,rajin bgt baca novel ini..

  2. Jacobian says:

    ya utk menghabiskan waktu baca2 novel.hehe…

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