raving about The Lost Symbol

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just finished reading Dan Brown’s latest novel that is The Lost Symbol. I am gonna raves about it then.

firstly I think the novel open my mind about the content of the Bible, the Torah and every other Holy book ever written by men. it revolves around the notion that Ancient Mysteries were hidden in those Holy book and that modern technologies should be able to look into the Holy book deeper for codes that signified the invention of those knowledge. it also said that the invention that modern technologies brought us now is only a rediscoveries that were also invented back in those ancient times. and yet there are still many things need to be rediscovered by modern technologies through the knowledge of Ancient Mysteries nowadays.

and also regarding the building that were depicted in this novel, it’s revolves around those in Washington D.C. such as the Obelisk that located in Washington and also the Capitol Dome and many other famous landmark. so my suggestion is that you better search in google about this building first so that you’ll better understand the depictions that were written in this novel.

and just like the last 2 novel about Professor Robert Langdon, the stories tells about a lunatic trying to achieve his goal of becoming an apotheosis (so that he’ll be able to have godlike power) and he needs Langdon’s help in order to decipher the code of knowledge that lies in the Pyramid and capstone, both of which located in the Capitol building. Robert Langdon’s vast knowledge about history, art and also symbology are able to help this lunatic reach his purpose but not without a caveat. and you should read the book to find out more about it.

and there is also the introduction of Noetics Science in this book, Noetic Science postulates that the human thought has mass, the same as light although very small. Hence with the notion that the human mind has a mass thus enable us human into shaping and forming things that were around us just by using our thoughts. You should also know that Noetic science is the cornerstone of this novel as it plays a major role in relating to the conflict that happen in the storyline. I do sincerely hope that noetic science is true though as it can brought changes to human lives. and we just need to wait for Noetic’s advancement then.

all in all the conclusion is that this novel of The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown is worth reading and gives vast knowledge about stuff that so fascinating to know of. 🙂

PS : I am a big fan of Dan Brown’s novel


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