uprising in tunisia

Ariana, Tunisia.

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the situation in tunisia is worsening, the voidness of government contributed to this chaotic riot. this harrowing situation caused by the Current Tunisian government in State of Emergency after days of protests by students due to high unemployment, limited freedoms, inflation. Live rounds fired at protesters. this ‘Revolution’ started after an unemployed student burned himself to death in an act of protest. this act as a catalyst that prompted nationwide protest.

but above all, we can contribute to this uprising through the use of social media that is twitter in managing to spread the information that’s happening there in realtime.

soon the army will take control of tunisia government due to the vaccuum left by the plight of deposed Tunisian president in exile in saudi arabia. Thus hopefully the army will held upcoming election in a few months in order to stabilize the worsening condition being brought up there.

there has been a report that the unrest started when wikileaks released a cables describing president Ben Ali lavish spending amidst high unemployment rate of 15% in the countries. this in turn make one graduate student that’s name Mohamed Bouazizi to burned himself to death as in protest. He said that he’s a graduate student and also has a master degree but he couldn’t find any work there in tunisia, hence he did the protest and burned himself to death. this action provoked massive realization by tunisian people and they did a huge protest trying to disband the government.

and now that tunisia has a new president, i.e a prime minister that had taken a new post as president left vaccuum by exiled ex-president of tunisia that is Ben Ali. and the situation is still under state of emergency

every revolution that take place reminded me of the film V for Vendetta. there are many great quotes there that exhibit revolution’s spirit. one of my fave film.

the people should not fear their government, it is the government that should fear their people.

let’s just hope the situation will be back to normal there.


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