Deception Point

No, look, no, stop it

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I had read another Dan Brown’s novel namely Deception Point, beforehand I had read Digital Fortress, The Da Vinci Code and The Lost Symbol. whilst for Angel&Demon I only watch the movies, but considering I am a big fan of Dan Brown’s novel I think I’ll try to read Angel&Demon novel too.

my raves about Deception Point’s novel is that this novel tells a story about NASA that found a meteorite deep below the ice chasm. upon closer inspection it was learnt that the meteorite rock contained strange bugs buried deep within it and evoke the hyphotesis that this rock must come from the outer space. and so began the controversies surrounding it. as another group of civilian scientist put forth by the US president to investigate NASA claims concluded that the rock was actually come from the sea and although exhibit many signs that were extra-terrestrial, it wasn’t enough to publicly announced that the rock is from outer space.

and then when NASA and other agencies feels disturbed by this civilian scientist’s conclusion upon that matter, then this agencies set up an assasins to kill all of those civilian scientists. The story unfolds many complicated bureaucracy links that involved in keeping this meteorite’s deception from the public’s eye, and so these 3 civilian scientists namely Rachel Sexton, Michael Tolland and Corky Marlinson must race against time to save their life from those trained assasins that were targeting their life. they were stalked by the assasins from the Artic ice till on board the ship that parked in Washington.

all in all, these novel really did captivated me with many drama, science tidbits and also some survival tips. such as if you want to survive from a shark, then you must soaked your body with something that has more horrid smell than your blood. such as with your urine, so you had to urinate all over your body first before jumping through the water and then the shark will stay away from you because the urine smells worse than the smell of blood and this can causes the shark to stay away from you and you’ll feel lucky not to get bitten. other than the fact that you should not tell anyone that you urinate all over your body. 😛

and also you’ll be suprise to find out who is the real mastermind behind this clever plot in this novel. so go read it then. 🙂


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    minta ym qm dunk…

    ato fb qm

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