Egypt’s uprising (part3)


from Huffington Post

Egyptian state TV reported Sunday morning that the Al Jazeera office in Cairo is being shut down and Al Jazeera reporters are losing their press credentials in Egypt.

the fact that Al Jazeera’s licence was revoked in Egypt makes me a little bit nervous. This is not looking good. They now have the army everywhere, and today the army wasn’t friendly to protesters. Mubarak is brewing something sinister, and he doesn’t want the world to see.

and as the likely outcome when there is no order then looting is a common sight where in Egypt’s biggest museum just got looted by an angry mob. and now the army take control of that museum to prevent some artifacts from being looted.

many foreigners starting to leave Egypt amidst the chaos, to which no end is in sight. although the appointment of vice president of Omar Suleiman by Mubarak seen as a first step towards succession many Egyptians feel it’s not enough and wanted Mubarak to resign instead. I honestly suprised to see the obliviousness of Hosni Mubarak regarding the dire situation happening in its own country. He can’t keep it like that any longer as its people already went chaotic and want him to resign.

also an excerpt from yahoo news

Gangs of armed men attacked at least four jails across Egypt before dawn Sunday, helping to free hundreds of Muslim militants and thousands of other inmates as police vanished from the streets of Cairo and other cities.

it seems that all the prisoners in Egypt prison were escaping and total chaos engulfing the country as those criminals went robbing, smashing and destroying everything in their way. this could be also taken as a sign that police already went vanished, and people run amok there. The harsher the condition in Egypt the more likely this will prompted the removal of Hosni Mubarak. It had been reported that 100 people already died during this uprising in Egypt as more people from all segments of life join the demonstration.

for all Egyptian, please continue your endavour in reaching democracy and let the world know that Dictatorship will fall and democracy shall prevails.

People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.


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