Egypt’s uprising (part 5)


it had been 7 days now the revolution in Egypt had since started and yet there are no clear leadership in Egypt right now to head the revolution, sure Mohamman Elbaradai is leading the demonstration and he’s an Egyptian. but for most of his life Elbaradai spent his time overseas working at the UN nuclear agency so that’s make him hardly suitable for the leadership role in case Hosni Mubarak decided to resign. During his 30 years reign Mubarak did the best he could by squashing any civil society that’s existed in Egypt, every Egyptian that wanted to be a leader were stymied and Mubarak even nationalizes Al-Azhar university under his watch to keep an eye for every ideological leader that about to emerge from the university and this in turn keeps Mubarak in power for 30 years reign. so this problem of leadership is something that need to be reckoned with.

on another related news about Egypt, I had just hear the good news of google doing something to help people of Egypt to tweets by using a phone call. Now Egyptian just need to dial a certain number provided by google and then their voice will be converted into tweets by using some kind of sound recognition software. just hit up the link to know more. This can be taken as a sign that google really did meant every word of their motto. “Don’t be evil”

and also Israel had been dreading the fact that Egypt could turn into iran if the revolution is successful.

Binyamin Netanyahu, Israel’s prime minister, said on Sunday that his government is “anxiously monitoring” the political unrest in Egypt, his first comment on the crisis threatening a government that has been one of Israel’s key allies for more than 30 years.

Israeli officials have remained largely silent about the situation in Egypt, but have made clear that preserving the historic 1979 peace agreement with the biggest Arab nation is a paramount interest.

The peace deal, cool but stable, turned Israel’s most potent regional enemy into a crucial partner, provided security on one of its borders and allowed it to significantly reduce the size of its army and defence budget.

there is a chance that with the lack of leadership, Egypt could turn into an islamist state and created another iranian-style regimes that threaten the existence of israelis. and this is something that stymied the US from supporting the revolution fully. well I surely hope this wouldn’t be happening and Egyptian need to do something to prevent this from happening such as hindering the progress of Islamists brotherhood that wanted to create an islamist republic of Egypt.

Aljazeera had been trying to provide the live coverage of the revolution but were stymied by Mubarak’s security personnel. this can be taken as a sign that Aljazeera played a significant role in the protest.

5 Al-Jazeera journalists just got arrested in Egypt. Over the weekend, Al-Jazeera had its Cairo bureau shut down, though the network has still been able to keep reports going via call-ins and other on-the-ground dispatches. The network has also had a camera at Tahrir Square, though it’s not clear how long they’ll be able to keep that going.

here’s hoping the situation in Egypt will be back to normal and Mubarak resigned from his post as a president of Egypt.


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