Lee Kuan Yew’s comment

Lee Kuan Yew is supernumerary minister as Mini...

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Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew’s controversial comments on the racial integration of the Malay-Muslim community in Singapore.

The 87-year-old founding father of modern Singapore had written in his latest book, Hard Truths To Keep Singapore Going,

“I would say today, we can integrate all religions and races except Islam. I think the Muslims socially do not cause any trouble, but they are distinct and separate.”

“Now, you go to schools with Malay and Chinese, there’s a halal and non-halal segment and so, too, the universities. And they tend to sit separately so as not to be contaminated. All that becomes a social divide.”

When asked what Muslims could do to integrate, he said, “Be less strict on Islamic observances and say, ‘Okay, I’ll eat with you’.”

I for one had to agree with what he says, I think muslim people are distinct and apart and hard to control. I mean many extremist are coming from moslem people. such as in Indonesia where FPI always run amok seizing control of anything they deemed blasphemy such as ahmadiyah and the construction of a church here in indonesia. and also the other debacle is the inter-marriage between different religion, in Indonesia you can’t marry other people with different religion unless your spouse converted to islam or vice versa. many couples resorted to marry in Singapore to bypass this restriction where in singapore people had more freedom regarding religion practices and also matrimony.

although many in Singapore defended the minister mentor comment , they had to do so because Lee Kuan Yew is the most venerable person in singapore and he’s also the founding father of singapore. albeit Mahathir Muhammad severely rebuke Lee Kuan Yew’s comment.

“I’m not surprised by his statement because to him religion is not important,”
“For him, the end justifies the means, so if he wants racial integration in Singapore, he won’t let Islam stand in the way of his goals. That is Kuan Yew. He totally does not respect religion and the sensitivities of other races.”
They also add that Mr Lee should learn more about Islam before making statements about Muslims. Dr Mahathir also claimed that Malays in Singapore had no choice but to compromise their beliefs.

“They are afraid of the Government,” he said. “I also feel that the Malays are careful when they speak up because they are worried they would be victimised. That is the attitude of the Malays in Singapore.”

so there are 2 public opinion regarding MM lee’s comment about islam, I’ll leave it to you to surmise what’s the best merit we can take out of this debacle. 🙂


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