Egypt’s uprising (part 8)


the situation in Egypt is the same chaotic incidents as before only that there are now pro-mubarak supporters aggressively destroying and bashing everything they deemed anti-mubarak. let’s just say, it’s putting a salt into an open wound. only exacerbated the worsing condition already is. below is the picture of pro-mubarak supporters kissing mubarak’s picture.


anyway there is also the real stories posted on reddit on what’s really happening there.

maybe the writing a bit clumsy, albeit you can understand it

“About what is happening in cairo we are living in Hell 🙂
in the 25 of january a group of well educated peopel on facebook decided to make a change and tried to say somthing so we send the invitation to all the group and we wehre there in Tahrir squre it was a very civilised demonstration but the police start to hit us by hand and throgh tear pomps sorry expired tear pomps no sorry first they throgh water and than the tear boms so all the gas hurt your skin plus it is expired so it is toxic i ve lost 3 peopel they are dead now only from the bomb i was lucky i knew that veniger and onion help so i m still alive … look i am an expert now in bombs:)) and here is my facebook account and you can watch the videos so as an answer we start to hit them and at a sertain point they wehere scared and they run away but what is intersting that all the police station in hole Cairo where empty at that time WHY? i dont know but one hour later all the prisons in Cairo and they are 4 where opened and more that 8000 criminals where in the street , but we didnt give up we made our police we call it now the peopel police and all the man went donwn in the street to protect us sometime they are succesful and sometimes not but we hang together then they shut all the mobile connection and the internet and the tv and the telefon lines .. but we hang up together and continue in the third day we got a lot of what we wished and the country was cooler a littel so we went to by food but there was no food i went from a place to another to get some rice or pasta but there is no meet or chicken and the prices is 5 times one kilo milk is for 15 pound right now 🙂 plus there is no insulin or medicin they are trying to kill us with all the ways they can … who and why .. i really dont want to think about it … and now you can see and watch what is hapening in tahrir squere they surround us they had horses and camels i m sending you some pic the camel pic i took it yesterday .
i have to admid the the chef minister Mr.Shafik is the only positive thing here and we got all what we want , but i cant understand what is all this vilance i swear it is not us it is not the 25 jan. action ..
i am hurt and dissapointed and angry and proud but i am tierd i take care of my mum 2 kids and the nany i have a knife in my bag all the time my hous is like a castel in a war time hot oil is on fire all the time one knife is next to my bed and the other next to the door .. i did 2 time blood donation in 9 days i am phisicly and mentaly tired So Pray for us”

during an interview with Christianne Amanpour, i.e one of the best reporter in the world. Mubarak has this to say

“If I resign today there will be chaos,” Mubarak said in the interview, which appeared on ABC’s website. Meanwhile, top U.S. congressmen issued calls for aid to the country to be cut off if he does not step down, Bloomberg news reported.

well things surely ain’t back to normal if he’s still in power, protesters demand aren’t negotiable. they want complete removal of Mubarak’s regime.

and as usual, the demonstrators are highly concentrated on Tahrir square. a ground zero for all this revolution.!/SultanAlQassemi/status/33477727075966976

below is the diagram depicting the situation in Tahrir square by new york times

actually I am bit lost for words to analyze the situation there in Egypt because I had done extensive coverage in my last post. so I am mainly surmising things that happened there in Egypt day by day.

Good luck with Egyptians then for their revolution.


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