sunny day

I am now in batam, a city that’s so hot that I had to try to close my eyes during the sunny day due to the sunlight lance through my eyes so strong. but well I like it here because I had my parents and good foods always available at my home. the condition here is a stark contrast to those in bandung that I had experience for nearly 6 years

below photo is a picture of atria kusumawardhani, a friend of mine at campus. she’s pretty ain’t she?


and this one is a picture of some kids that I had a privileged to shoot. they were a bit shy when I took their photos. but nonetheless it didn’t stop them from looking coolly at the camera

I’ll settled myself in batam then, find a good job and married here if I had find a girl of course, to which I now had no one. :-P.

but there is some unfinished business in bandung and I’ll get back there shortly. I’ll update about it as soon as I finished it. but right now I am just enjoying the comfort of having a family. 🙂


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