valentine in nothing

valentine day went ahead with not much of a celebration. I still don’t have a girlfriend yet and yes it’s killing me. I better find the suitable girl then.


the last valentine’s day I’ve ever remember was back then in 2007, when I celebrated it with my lover in pizza hut in dago bandung. I bought her red roses and treat her pizzas. and then we went home together and get into a fight and then we broke up. I hated her since then. ah fuck it. that’s the last memory of valentine I’ve still remember. as I need to have a new memory to erase this horrible one.

so if you did celebrated valentine day then you should cherised every moments of it. because nothing is as more sacred as a boy and a girl who love each other. it’s just ethereal.

anyway I am still in batam now and I think I’ll settle my life over here. I’ll find a job and get married also. as I’ve been tired of leaving all by myself in bandung for almost 6 years.

happy valentine day then. 🙂


One comment on “valentine in nothing

  1. ~Archi~ says:

    Hi Jacob,

    I have celebrated my v’day very nicely! I also have my love with me and we had candle light dinner! 🙂

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