US-Pakistan spat

The title of Diplomatic Immunity

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The deteriorating relations between US and pakistan started when the arrest of US diplomat by pakistan authority when that US diplomat has been charged with the killing of 2 pakistanis, albeit he confessed that he did that out of self-defense due to robbery. and now this case is still pending in pakistanis court decision.

There is a dilemma facing pakistan government now, as many people in pakistan are enraged by the killing and only made them hate the US even more and also one of the victim’s wife in pakistan committed suicide upon learning that her husband was shot death by the US diplomat. This is just the complexity surrounding the case in pakistan.

Whilst in the US, obama administration had halted any diplomatic ties with pakistan in light of the arrest of the US diplomat. Albeit the obama administration had told the pakistanis authority that the diplomat they were holding had diplomatic immunity and should be released immediately, hence pakistan government broke international treaty. Also the strike of militants hideout by US drone’s missiles had also been halted due to for this sole reason.

This conundrum mired in complexity, prudence and also terrorism. On one hand the US still want to fight the taliban in pakistani border while on the other the US wants its diplomat released from pakistanis prison.

These are hard times for both country in cooperating to quash any extrimism in pakistan. Here hoping that the issues could be resolved as peacefully as posssible so that both of the country can focus theirs attention in rooting out terrorism so that it’d benefit everyone.


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