The Host

The Host (novel)

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I had finished reading Stephenie Meyer’s novel, The Host. My impression is that this novel did have the same characteristic as the Twilight series. Such as when Bella Swan fell in love with both Edward Cullen and Jacob Black.

In The Host, it tells a story about one girl that has 2 personality that is Melanie and Wanda. Melanie loves a man named Jared while Wanda loves a man named Ian. So you could feel the conflict between those 2 men who fell in love with one girl which has 2 personality. Although The Host did has another interesting twist such as the alien’s domination of the earth in which human had to survived and hide undergroud.

Also adds the story about the survival of human race against alien invasion. For me this novel is a kind of novel with a story that is mild, not that extreme. Didn’t have any interesting twist, you could even predict the end of the story.

It all started when a Wanderer, i.e an alien who was inserted into Melanie’s body. Feel the strong love for jared emanating from Melanie into her own mind. This in turn make the wanderer went on a quest to find her true love that is jared. When they found the hiding place of human last rebellion, both melanie and wanderer had to convince the rebels that they didn’t mean no harm and their ultimate purpose was solely for the purpose of searching for their true love. And during this recognition did the wanderer fell in love with another human being that’s named Ian. And thus the conundrum of love stories begin.

I for one agreed that this novel is suitable for those who like a happy ending. But for me, happy ending is just a story that’s not end yet.
And the only reason why I read this novel is just because I like twilight series.

So if you have time and like to read a light reading then I suggest you read Stephenie Meyer’s novel, The Host


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