Libya is in the brink of chaos

Location of Benghazi within Libya.

Image via Wikipedia

a quote of speech by Gadhafi’s son

We all now have arms. At this time drunks are driving tanks in central Benghazi. So we all now have weapons. The powers who want to destroy Libya have weapons. There will be a war & no future.

as you already know how it’s amazing how much reform can happens when the citizens suddenly have weapon and tanks. even the oppresive state such as libya must succumbed to its people demand. I predict Moammar Gadhafi will be ousted and his days are numbered now as he ordered the military to shoot its own people which in turn created a havoc so great that his army hardly able to control.

this events reminded me of Soeharto era in the 90s, there is a similarities between soeharto and mubarak in dictatorship.

the similarities between Suharto and Mr. Mubarak: “Both demonized Islamist political forces and drove them underground; both kept a tight lid on the media, the opposition and all forms of dissent; both accumulated massive amounts of wealth while in power” and, of course, “both enjoyed the support of the United States.”

and Moammar Gadafi also possesed the same similarities of those 2 deposed leader. as the three of them didn’t care about its people and try to silence any dissent. God willing all of those dictators shall burnt in hell.

now I am in full support of democracy, I believe in people’s opinion and I also believe in every rights of human to voices their grievances. it’s the universal of human rights. and if it was deprived of then those people will shed their blood and tears in order to attained it. Most people on this planet didn’t conform to rule, they want choices. you must be able to give people a choice or else they make you.

I despise how the dictators want to blame everything on the protestors, and somehow want to use the damage that may be caused by the revolting populace as an excuse to maintain the tyrannical status quo.

I sincerely wish all of the dictators in this world shall be perished and democracy will prevail in this world.

PS: I also learnt that revolution needed a square as a benchmark for the protest such as Tahrir square in egypt and pearl square in bahrain. so it’s ubiquitious


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