libyan’s last battle


the situation in libya now is unfolding fast, as many anti-gadafi militias are trying to seize libyan capital that is Tripoli. as you can see in the map, the only region that’s still reigned by gadafi are 2 regions, the first one is tripoli and the other one is a dessert where many of gadafi’s mercenaries are arriving to help gadafi in killing all the protester. this is a violation of human rights for gadafi as he killed his own people. the most despicable dictator of all the dictator I’d known.

in the map you can see that libya is located between Tunisia and Egypt in which this 2 countries already deposed its dictator. so you can guess the huge influence of libya’s neighbour democratic transition has done to affect libyan people so strongly.

also based on the above twitter statuses, many libyan people that has its region already liberated, i.e Benghazi and etc. are trying to go to tripoli to also free them from gadafi, only this will be their last battle as the fall of tripoli would make their endeavour for democracy be completed and freedom of expression shall reigned for all libyan people. and gadafi would have no choice but to fled its country.

what captivate me is that now almost every libyan people has weapons. if every people has a gun then the government will be afraid of them and there won’t be any dictator, take the US for example, where gun can be widely used by its people and thus they had the best democratic system in the world. and the US government wouldn’t try to mess with its own people.

having a gun will control the authority so as not to violated human rights. this is the conclusion that I can surmised based on libya’s struggle against tryants.


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