Libya and Friends

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so we have 2 dire situations in africa, one is libya in which colonel Gadafi slaughtered his own people in a bid to stay in power for as long as he can. thus creating one of the most protracted revolution in the world. and the second situation is in ivory coast in which the incumbent president don’t want to secede its power to the legitimate winner of the last democratic election in its country and thus he tried to use violence and soldiers to silence any dissents and creating havoc in its own country.

both ivory coast and libya has one thing in common in which both of them had been slapped with arms embargo by the UN. although gadafi had received the sanctions more severely with all his assets overseas being suspended.

these 2 countries are the only country I known of that are still in turmoil and both of them has people that are up in arms against their own government. thus creating a group of rebel that are determined to bring down their current government. life must be like hell for the people who live there. a person who had been delusional because of his own power can become a dictator to which his people will suffer. and this kind of environment that need to be controlled as to how to prevent any fucker from becoming a leader and eventually a dictator. I myself hate dictators, may those souls of dictators shall burn in hell.


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