libya’s conundrum


pic : A Libyan rebel fighter scrambles from a ditch carrying a rocket propelled grenade (RPG) to reach the battle scene with forces loyal to leader Moamar Gaddafi, just a few kilometres outside the oil town of Ras Lanuf on March 9, 2011.

the situation in libya now is shall we say very “complex”. with the intervention of military action from the allied forces namely US, Britain, french and other Arab countries such as Qatar has puts an international pressure for Gadafi to steps down. and also there’s been multiple reports that Gadafi’s son had died due to sustain injury from severe burn cause by a fighter jet hitting Gadafi’s compound .


now I am really supporting this military strikes by the allied forces against Libyan’s dictator that is Moaamar Gadafi because I see the ends is coming for him. He’s a delusional, hypocrite and deceitful man, always try to be eccentric and don’t care any less toward his own people. many strikes employed by the US had crippled his military facility and in turn will give a leverage for the rebels movement to closed in and regroup and eventually will be able to free libya from this madman. God bless all those freedom fighter for their bravery and martyrdom and both of these shan’t go unnoticed


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