The Assassination incident in Lebanon

Supporters of the Lebanese Forces.

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I had been listening to BBC radio lately about the murder of Lebanon last prime minister that is Rafik Hariri

let me provide a background of the difference between Hezbollah and Lebanon’s government

Hezbollah is a shiite armed, organized militia. They operate in the name of Islam and they take their orders from Iran (they supply them with weapons and money, through Syria). They are “overpowered”, in a way that they have more weapons than the state does and that they will fight fiercely. They are mainly based and spread in the South of Lebanon in order to prevent an invasion by the Israeli’s. Now Hezbollah has two noticeable events they went through recently, during the war against Israel (2006) when they prevented (pretty successfully) an invasion by the Israeli’s, that war was considered by most the international press as a victory for Hezbollah. Obviously it cost Lebanon a lot since Israeli’s managed to break most the infrastructure (i.e bridges, water reserves, antenna’s…) through meticulous bombing. The other important event is in 2008 when Hezbollah used its weapons inside of Beirut (Lebanon’s capital) , against the army and several other parties in Lebanon (i.e they burned down a TV company and used RPG’s in the middle of the street).
so Whats the relation between Hezbollah and the state? Well Hezbollah has several seats in Parliament and that’s logical since Lebanon is a democratic country and Hezbollah has a big amount of support (mostly shiites of course). but The government cannot stop Hezbollah in anything it does unless it goes to war against them, which is out of the fucking way since that will train the country in a civil war that will last at least 50 years sending everybody back to the 1st century. The country has been mainly stalling, in every way, because there are 2 major political ideologies. The first is Hezbollah’s point of view, which is Iran oriented and Arab oriented; and the second is the government’s (or Saad Hariri) point of view, which is American oriented.

so there is a motive in which Hezbollah did try to assassinate Prime minister Rafik Hariri which they deemed a blasphemous person, there is just a division in the structure of Lebanese government that inherited this debacle.

The UN wanted to investigate Rafik Hariri’s assassination because they knew something was wrong in Hezbollah, in a statement, Hezbollah alleges that the UN tribunal was made by Israelis that try to corners and implicate them. actually I think this UN tribunal was sponsored by the american, if american knew that the israelis was behind the murder of Rafik Hariri they would not do investigation because it’d be useless. but they knew it’s not israelis, and that’s why the American are eager to investigate this assassination.

But there are also a greater scheme involve here, Lebanese can’t afford to have its country split into 2 state if it did try to incriminate Hezbollah in this high-profile assassination. They would just have to learn from the incident and make sure it wouldn’t happen again in the future. as the future of their country depended on the stability of their region


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