Fringe (TV series)

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I had been spending time watching another series that’s called fringe. it’s another J.J Abram’s series. it’s full of unanswered question, strange phenomenon and best of all the explanation of applied science. I always love to see how science can do things and stuff. everything strange that happens in fringe can be explains and has its own constraint. so it’s like a science-fiction movie.

the Fringe series rotated about the existence of 2 universe that are similar but not the same. and the existence of 1 universe adversely affecting the others due to the anomaly created by Walter Bishop, i.e The scientist that was jack-of-all-trades. All in all you should watch this series as it’s really good.

PS : if you want to download the movie use this link and if you want to know all the spoiler than this link might helps you.


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