Dictator’s handbook

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this time I wanted to talk about many types of dictator based on the book that I had been reading. The Dictator’s handbook.

there are 2 type of dictator, a benevolent dictator and non-benevolent dictator. A benevolent dictator is a dictator that has kindly feeling towards his own country. we can take an examples of Lee Kuan Yew in singapore.  many people regards him as an honest man who doesn’t suck away money from his country to secret bank account overseas, the money that his control were spent on policy of good idea and fortunately he has good idea on his mind towards his own country that is singapore. and this in turn can make Lee Kuan Yew to be called a benevolent dictator.

and the opposite of benevolent dictator such Mao Zedong with his stupid idea of china that killed many people when he’s in power, also Nikita Kruschev in Uni Soviet back then who also has the same stupid idea when it come to running their own country and also during Soeharto era in indonesia. These are the 3 dictators that has a certain desire to accumulate power and wealth during their reign.

every dictators has the same characteristics, they want to depend on as few people as possible that was drawn from larger pool as possible, they want to extract revenue at the highest rate that they can subjects to the constraint that they don’t want to foment revolution in their own country. they want to reward their coalition just enough money to keep them from defecting and they don’t want to use the money for the people because the money was aimed for the coalition and things that are absolutely necessary for them.

let’s take an example between Mubarak and Khadafi. Khadafi has control of large oil wealth in Libya and thus make many people want to topple him from the reign of libya in search of controlling the vast oil supply, while Husni Mubarak has a bit more problem that is his ability to pays off his coalition is diminishing  due to the foreign aid from the US also diminishing and also he’s having a bad health. this in turn make many people including the military that wanted to topple him from the ruling of Egypt.

now let’s take another example in north korea, North Korea is the perfect example of Kim Jong-Il running the poverty stricken country that heavily relies on a small coalition of not more than 200 people. also Kim Jong-il was estimated to worth 4 billion dollars. he runs the country of buying the loyalty of senior member of civil servants, key family members and the military and he doesn’t really care of what happens to the rest of his people. his people are so oppressed, so fearful of retribution if they utter the slightest signs of dissent. this in turn make them silent due to utter fear of the regime. he’s a successful dictator, the same as his father. and he’s been on power for 17 years already after his father died. it works successfully for Kim Jong-il and works horribly for everybody else.

from what I can deduce, every society in the world needs 3 basic freedom

1. freedom of society

2. freedom of speech

3. freedom of press.

only if the 3 above conditions were met then the dictatorship would be gone and the prosperity of the people would emerge.


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