remembering 9/11

World Trade Centre Twin Towers New York

Image via Wikipedia

I remember when the first plane struck the World Trade Centre I was in Batam watching some movies on channel 5, what was peculiar was that there’s a news ticker at the bottom of the channel 5 explaining there had been an attack at the WTC in new york. I was 14 at the time so I don’t really understand it. and then when I switched on the radio of 987FM, I heard over and over again the broadcast of the terrorist attack happening in new york. this make me understand the severity of the attacks because usually there were many good music being played on that radio channel but on that day they were none, replaced by the recorded news of the attack.

and after that I realize the world has changed, the goal of the US was now to eradicate terrorism to its roots and also to make the world a better place to live in and not long after 9/11 there was a night club bombing in Bali that make the severity of terrorist much higher than originally anticipated before.

we must understand the need to fight terrorism and also extremism, and yes Abu bakar Baashir is an extremist that involves in terrorism. He must be held responsible for his action.


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