holy matrimony

so last week I went to my friends’s wedding party, it was a great and luxurious party considering the couple can be called a bureaucratic-derived family. both of them works as civil servants and were deeply in love. as you can tell from the picture below.


the wedding party located in hotel harmoni one in batam centre offered sumptuous delicacy for those attending the holy matrimony. there are ice creams, prata and other locals spicy food. all in all it was a great party. and I wish happily ever after for my friends who married there.


since the bride were my high-school friend so we kind of having a high-school reunion there at the hotel, attended by some of my former classmates.


the wedding uses melayu custom I think, well based on my observations of course.


I think this is the most expensive wedding party I ever attended in my life, not sure if I can attend any party that can match the spacious and luxuriousness of this one


in conclusion, getting married is a great step into having a stable life with the one you love so that you can create a family.

love is blind but marriage restored its sight.


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