5 november

not much update lately,because I have been really busy with my store. many customer coming up and I got really busy. I guess the more busy you are the less time you spend on the internet.

so anyway I want to introduce you to this sweet girl I had been in relationship with, well I hope it would work out just fine for both of us. as being single is something that’s get really boring over time.

untuk @riztalitha on Twitpic

the crisis on Greece has caught my attention lately, it is the exact use cases of the bad implementation of single currency in which many countries cannot have the same currencies or else they would just drag the whole nations bankrupts with the bail out and all. for more info on greece you should listen to BBC radio as they had the best insight and analysis to what’s really going on there

also tomorrow will be idul adha to which is a celebration of sacrifices in moslem calendar. in which many cows and goat will be slaughtered and the meats were shared to many people. I think I will keep my store open so that I still can get money. having a store is really a profitable business and good investment. you should try to have it too if you can though.

well that’s it for today. I’ll update this blog when I have the time.


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