samsung corby

now how about this time I am reviewing of my latest gadget. that is samsung corby. I bought this phone for Rp. 800.000 in batam, and it’s a touchscreen. when you have been using a keypad for the long time and you happen to use a touchscreen, then trust me you’ll need to learn how to type in touchscreen. it’s not as easy as it looks. there is a learning curve when it come to touchscreen.

but what i did like about samsung corby is its battery life, for a touchscreen device you really can expect longer battery life when using this smartphone (well I don’t think I can call it a smartphone so I am just gonna call it a feature phone instead). the OS that runs in this feature phone is made from java so you can find many java applications can be run on this device. also there are many application that preinstalled on this device such as yahoo messenger and gtalk, also some social networking sites such as facebook and twitter. so you can find many standard apps in this phone.

all in all if you need a phone that has a bigger screen and  provide a basic internet experience then this is a phone for you. for me who really fed up with blackberry shorter battery life then I find this phones to be useful to fulfill my communication needs


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