thursday, december 08 2011

when it come to antivirus for my desktop computer then my choice would be to use avira, well it did played a great job at warding off viruses and other malware plaguing my desktop. and I choose to have avira antivirus 2012, but due to it is a premium software so I had to pay for 11 dollars and like any other thing I don’t want to pay for it. I mean if you can hack it then why should you pay it? money is money. haha…

so I decided to search for a serial key that would able me to use avira premium antivirus and this link provide me with enough instruction and work wonderfully. you just need to download it and open hbdev.key and choose the right key that you’ll get when you download the crack.


it works amazingly. and now I have a premium software on my pc.

so anyway, I had been trying to use ubuntu on my desktop pc and I find it difficult though. because it just won’t connect to my USB wi-fi dongle. I had been trying to search on the internet for some ways and yet to discover any workaround. I think I’ll just try to use opensuse instead and I’ll let you know how that turn out to be.


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