kareng nayong

PT Kareng Nayong is a company that is founded by me and my brother. it specializes in AK3 umum (safety officer) and lightning rod (penyalur petir) inspection and certification and other heavy machinery stuff. it has created a good sum of money for me and my family and that’s the reason why I am really love this company. if you want to read more about kareng nayong then you can visit this site.

this is the closing ceremony of the training that I hosted.
ak3 umum

I am now currently in the process of hosting the website at masterwebnet, after I had created the real kareng nayong website then I’ll publish it here. a real website with its own custom domain is necessary to attract wider audience and also get more customer interested in doing business with me. all in all having a company that you founded make you appreciate even more of all the hard work you do and give you more motivation rather than working for somebody else.

another scheduled event of the training will be done at 28 january 2013, so leave a comment here if you want to attend this event.


One comment on “kareng nayong

  1. arkannr says:

    WoW great, my friend…

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