web hosting

ever since I buy domain and webhosting in masterwebnet, I had it my mind that it was much easier and more functional to host your wordpress blog in hosting services rather than having it in wordpress.com

sure it cost money but it’s worth it. I can now learn more about website, learn to code and learn to do SQL in phpmyadmin, all the college stuff that I learned was put into use when I use hosting services. So if you still use blogspot, tumblr or other blogging website then I strongly suggest you to change it into your hosting website. you can do more and not bound by all the blogging limitation that was put into use by the site administrator. such as the inability to add advertisement in wordpress.com or changing the CSS in your wordpress theme. all this boundaries aren’t existed if you use hosting services. that’s why you should get started to host your own website.



One comment on “web hosting

  1. oliver jonasx says:

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