so I went to this site located in tanjung uncang batam, the site is where caterpillar is building its LMT (large mining truck) with Leighton as its contractors. the place is huge with big machines and they’re building the warehouse. at the end of the warehouse is a shore, many foreign company in batam chose the shore as their favourite spots to build their plant. maybe it’s because it’s much easier to transport stuff to and from singapore.





I had a chance to look at the process of NDT (non-destructive test) that is checking whether the iron hook has a cracked or not. it mainly involve using the magnetic particle to distinguish whether the hook has been compromised or it’s still good to be used. this test is needed to ensure that the crane which uses this hook won’t have any problem whatsoever when it was used to lift heavy stuff.

my job now has been to learn all the technical stuff related to heavy machinery maintenance and also the laws that come with it. it’s very challenging to someone whose back then in college majoring in computer architecture such as me.


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