blackberry encryption

when you use blackberry then you need to know about the encryption that RIM uses to protect all the data inside blackberry. just like below pictures.

when you decides to encrypt your media card using blackberry encryption methods then you must be aware of all the three options presented there.

English: BlackBerry Bold 9000 NTT DOCOMO 日本語: ...

English: BlackBerry Bold 9000 NTT DOCOMO 日本語: NTTドコモ docomo PRO series BlackBerry Bold(Research In Motion製) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1. device key

when you decide to encrypt your media card using device key then you made the media card only accessible to your device only. and no other device can get to open your media card. just in case someone stole your blackberry and he/she decided to reinstall the OS so they can access the data inside the smartphone and change the password then the ecnryption will lock all the data in your media card and thus rendered the data became inaccessible and gone forever. just like what RIM had surmised.

If all data and applications have been deleted from the BlackBerry smartphone and Media Card Encryption was set to Device, the BlackBerry smartphone will no longer be able to access encrypted files. The following error message will appear:

Unable to display file filename.jpg.rem

This is by design as a security measure.

2. device password

when you choose this type of encryption using device password then you can open the media card throughout all blackberry device as long as you know the original password that you set in the first place.  so this option is best suited to all those secretive people who doesn’t want people sniffing about their business

3. device password and device key

I don’t recommend you choosing this type of encryption because it is so secure, it made the media card only accessible to your only device and yet you need to type in a password to be able to access it. only activate this type of encryption if you are an NSA agents.

I had a friend who lost all his picture in blackberry because he used the first option that is encryption using device key. when he installed the wrong apps in blackberry and toasted the OS and thus force him to reinstall the OS. but this kind of action is what blackberry maker is trying to prevent, if you reinstalled the OS and you set the encryption type to device key then all of your data in media card will be inaccessible and this is a security measure designed only by RIM.

there is a lesson here, only use encryption if you are working for the NSA or CIA. or else be prepared to lose that data. as encryption means making the data files becoming random so it’d be hard to read.

my advice to you is to just use a digital camera to take picture as it’s more enjoyable and fun.


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