PayPal booth at LeWeb

PayPal booth at LeWeb (Photo credit: jeanxtof)

people sometime asks me what did I do, I mean what kind of job did I have. well the answer to this question has many parts. firstly my job now is to supervise the training of AK3 umum in which my company held. and also I dealt with administrative permit of heavy machinery, courtesy of manpower and labour department (disnaker) in batam such as crane and forklift. it’s a great way to make money here in batam due to many heavy machinery used by the heavy industry here. this is one of the advantages of living in batam. the people’s economy are much better than other provinces in indonesia due to its proximity with singapore.

other things to be noted is that in batam, you’re likely to transact using singapore dollar rather than rupiah. I mean rupiah is a currency that has high inflation and a burdensome to carry thanks to it’s higher denomination, whilst singapore dollar is much more compact and easier to carry due to it’s lower denomination.

also the chronic banking situation in Cyprus has made me to rethink where to invest my money, I mean if the same things were to happen in indonesia where the banking system were to shut down just like that massive riots engulfing jakarta in 1998, then there will be chaos as people can’t get their money. and then I choose to put my money in paypal. just a portion of my depositors account though, so if anything happen in my local bank then I can be sure that I still have paypal to keep my money. it’s all about where to keep the money safe, you can’t keep all your money below the mattresses as it’s not reliable. also I need a place where I can do money laundering, you just can’t put all of your money in one bank, it’s not a good business practice. what good is to make slices of your deposits in many banks so as to act as a failsafe.


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