website speed

I have been testing my website speed recently using pingdom, it basically a tool to test the speed of a given website and also its performance. I have 3 blogs that’s self-hosted and I applied 2 ways to make this blog faster.
1. I use W3 cache plugin so that the content of the website will be cache at one’s computer thus making the webload faster
2. I use cloudfare to redistribute my blog content through their servers thus making it even more accessible and faster loading to international community.

in the screen shot below, is the fastest because the original server is located in the USA while karengmulia and karengnayong is located in indonesia.




so what can we surmised from this? the average people would only last 4 seconds to wait for your website to loads. if they found that your blog is just taking longer than 4 seconds then they would just leave the blog that you had.


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