I have been tinkering with a new forum style CMS that’s called PhpBB. it’s a bit like kaskus and I hosted it here.

in PHPBB I tried to install Recaptcha for registering user and also the addon for spam hammer. spam hammer is a plugin in phpBB specifically designed to block certain words in the posting, so that any spammer can’t post if their post contains the word like forex, market and etc. these words can also be omitted based on the setting.

if you notice on kaskus, there has been a recaptcha entry everytime you wanted to post something there but in this forum that I made I don’t use it. I only use certain rules that are specific only to spammer and it’s effective though.

when installing plugin in phpBB you need to install it by coding the file in your cpanel and you must follow the instruction in the plugin folder that tells you to copy certain files and to also edits them and using SQL query to create tables and so forth, so it’s not like in wordpress where everything you see is what you get. in phpBB everything is basic and you need to be a programmer in order to understand it.

phpbb is needed to create a communities, and brings them closer. if you have hosting account then I recommend you to install phpbb just to experience the beauty of programming.

English: logo

English: logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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