zoho mail

ever since google apps has ceased to support free users and force people to pay $50 to have their email hosted there, then zoho mail has rised to become the number 1 choice for custom email registration. they in fact has acknowledged this and said the traffic to their site has increased significantly thereafter.

Email Icon

Email Icon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

then I tried to use zoho mail, first thing you need to know is that you need to edit MX records in the all hosts records section on your domain administrative page. if you buy the domain name in namecheap then you can easily find this setting but if you buy it in masterwebnet then you’re out of luck, because as of this moment I still don’t know how to modify CNAME and A records in masterwebnet (this is what you get when you choose indonesian hosting company). in masterwebnet the uptime of a website is horrible, my website sometime down an average of 30 minutes per day, sometime reaches for 2 hours, even my sms credits from pingdom tools that alerts me when the website is down already ran out. I am considering of moving karengnayong to namecheap, because namecheap is a good place to hosts your website as the uptime is reliable and they give large harddisk space and bandwidth.

so anyway I only use zohomail to hosts my domain name that didn’t use cpanel, if you have a cpanel then you already have the email setup for you there. use zohomail only if you don’t have cpanel, this is my advised to you.



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