another hack

my website that is get another hack like this picture below.

this kind of hacking things started to get on my nerve recently. hosting wordpress on a cpanel turns out to be the most tedious task ever. this is the second time my blog had been hacked, eventhough I had installed many powerful plugin to prevent this kind of stuff from ever happening again. I had use better wp security, wordpress firewall, BPS plugin and I even use cloudflare for its DNS. but what confused me is that based on the hackers message, he got into my website by using linux server rooted. so that might means the hackers has access to masterwebnet shared linux server and able to hacks many website hosted there. this is of course based on the testimonial I heard from kaskus.

it’s just that I don’t even had root access in my cpanel so there is nothing I can do to prevent this kind of hacking to ever happening again. this is something that’s a bit disappointing. but at least I still prefer to host my site at namecheap. much better hosting and more secure.

the moral of the story is that if you want to have a better performing site then use namecheap or else if you just wanted to have wordpress then you just need to use with custom domain because the security in is unbeatable. and you’ll never get hacked.


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