phpbb spam prevention

if you have a forum setup using phpbb then you must be having trouble fighting spam, you can use recaptcha in every posting using this mods but sometime spambot can get around google recaptcha because recaptcha uses a control word that can be broken easily.

so now the solution that came to mind is putting an anti-spam ACP developed by stopforumspam, so basically it will add akismet system in your phpbb. you just need to download this mods and add the code as suggested in install.html as advised, this mods will be essential in fighting spam as there will be an option for one-click ban for a user and you can also flagged a user if he/she violates the rules. it just simplifies things for admin forum in eliminating spam user.

but you need to beware as this code changes only will work if you are a programmer. so if you’re not a programmer you need to be very careful or else you’ll break the phpbb system. and when you already changed the code in selected files then you need to upload several file in the mods to your cpanel in order for it to works, such as the files contains in the root folder on the mods.

but there is one code changes that haven’t been updated yet, so it will break your forum if you do it. when you were told to change the source code of viewtopic.php in your phpbb installation like below picture.


then you need to add

'user_flagged'	=> $row['user_flagged'] ? true : false, 

after this below code. or else your viewtopic.php would be in error. this is based on my experience just now after installing this acp in my forum.

'search'		=> ($auth->acl_get('u_search')) ? append_sid("{$phpbb_root_path}search.$phpEx","author_id=$poster_id&sr=posts") : '', 

so now I had use 2 mods in order to fight spam that is google recaptcha and akismet. it will be interesting to find out whether these is a perfect solution to spambot.


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