inserted card is not a viewing card

I have indovision at my home, and I enjoyed having it so that I won’t get bored spending longer times at home. and then something bad happened with indovision decoder after the power outage that my home suffered. when the power turned back on there is this error message displayed in indovision that panicked me.

inserted card is not a viewing card

now there is a problem in my indovision viewing card so I took out the card and clean it with my hand and then put it back in the decoder and yet the error message kept popping up. so I plug off the power cable of the decoder and plug it in again to see if it turns back to normal and to my dismay it still kept on giving me error.

now here I will give you how to solve this error based on my experience in solving it. firstly you need to do reset factory setting of your decoder. Press OK in your remote control and choose factory setting and enter the default pin number 0000. after you do this the decoder will tell you to plug off the cable and plug it in again. but before you do this you must make sure the viewing card has been taken out. and then you just need to press OK in the tv monitor until it reaches the signal (the pictures has a lock on it)

after doing that then you need to put the viewing card in the decoder and you need to move the decoder 360 degree from its location. I know you’ll think this is absurd, but trust me. indovision decoder behaves just like another analog machine. you just need to shake the decoder and then the picture of CNN will come back normal and you can enjoy HBO and other great channel on your indovision.

this experience make me realize that if your decoder behave weirdly then you just need to move the decoder to make it turns back to normal. fixing indovision will make you feel a better man. 🙂


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