learning coding

I keep on learning coding now, it all started because I had a problem with my web design in my shared hosting. so I learn CSS and then HTML also PHP and now I am learning javascript. I learn it all from code academy. it has a sleek interface which divided into 3, the first one is instruction, the second one where we code and the third is where the code is being interpreted. so I can actually see what happen to my code and it got me hook. I never knew this site can taught me so much programming in so many languages. so all in all, the site has really help me understand programming. a feat that I will keep on learning until I had master all the programming language available there.

so anyway I’ll leave you now with the picture of me trying to kiss a girl but the girl is a bit shy. so you can get the idea.

DSC08327 - Copy//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js


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