I have been addicted in studying about satellites, if you understand networking then you should also understand satellites because it’s a networking device. such an example would be when a hacker wanted to hack a server and didn’t want to leave a trail. then he would use satellites as the internet connection because you cannot trace people’s whereabouts using satellites bandwidth. it cover vast area and one satellite isn’t enough to pinpoint where the hacker is. and that’s why satellites internet is still in high demand for some hackers although the connection is a bit slow due to latency.

so now let’s talk about GPS, global positioning satellites that’s owned by the US. the US economy has been helped greatly by its ownership of GPS that was used by many people around the world, yes you can use GPS for free but the device that you used to navigate in GPS was made by american company to which the US government also get its fair share. so no wonder other countries such as china and Russia wanted that parts also.

Russia already created its own constellation satellites called GLONASS, the same as GPS although not as reliable. while GPS is accurate in about 1 metre, the GLONASS is accurate about 2 meter and sometime GLONASS didn’t work quite well and has blank spots but if you use GLONASS in russia then it works really best and very accurate. it’s just the rest of the world that still a bit shaky

and now China also deployed it’s own satellites called BeiDou, this satellite still only works in china territory although it’s about to change in the coming months as china already send its 23rd satellite into orbits. so yeah, the more the merrier. I mean if there are many satellites up there then we can use that many satellite navigation to keep track of where we are and never to be lost again on the earth.

GPS works just like a venn diagram and you find your position by combining the 3 satellites and choose the intersection that crosses. it also uses time for the doppler effect.







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