unblock blocked website

the problem was that since telkom blocked reddit, netflix and god-knows-what-else-did-they-blocked. I need to find a way to circumvent this issues head on. turns out that telkom only blocked the keywords but not the ip address of the server’s website so when you open netflix.com then you’d get into a page of internetpositif which is basically telkom way of telling you that you can’t open this website.

one way to bypass this is to put this line of code in your ‘/etc/hosts’. and if you use windows then you can open the file in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc and input the following line using text editor.       localhost
::1             localhost cfs.u-ad.info adscenter.u-ad.info u-ad.info cfs2.uzone.id reddit.com www.reddit.com netflix.com www.netflix.com

there you have it, so everytime you encountered blocked website then you should just find the server ip address and put the ip address in hosts file and update it and you can open the blocked website without the need to use vpn.

simple solution for censorship.


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